August 2015 – “Are Surveys Obsolete?” (Bob Aaron)

This webinar was presented on August 12, 2015.

Watching this webinar qualifies for 1.5 CPD hours under the Formal Activities category for OLSs.

In April, Bob Aaron presented a talk with this title to 1,500 lawyers at a two-day summit of Ontario real estate lawyers. In this one-hour AOLS webinar, Bob highlights the message he presented at the Law Society conference, namely that surveys are and remain the single most important document in the real estate transaction.

Bob’s AOLS webinar presents the “view from the other side” – what Ontario’s real estate lawyers are – or should be – telling their clients about the need for a survey, and how the surveying profession can help underscore that message. Included in the presentation is a basket full of Canadian “survey nightmare” cases, which illustrate the dangers of buying, building on or improving land without an SRPR.

The topics covered also include:

  • What’s the Problem – An Analysis of Residential Boundary Issues in the Greater Toronto Area
  • How to explain to a client: What is a survey? And more importantly, what is not a survey?
  • Explaining to the public and the legal profession
  • The components of the Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR)
  • The Benefits of the Surveyor’s Real Property Report

And the all-important topic: How to tell the client, the public and the real estate agent that Title Insurance Does Not Replace the Need for a Survey.

The Presenter: Bob Aaron

Bob Aaron is a Toronto real estate lawyer who is known to our members for his Toronto Star publications. Since May 2000, he has written more than 600 Title Page columns (now called Property Law) on Saturdays in the New in Homes section of the Toronto Star, and for more than 35 years wrote the Coins and Stamps columns in the Star.
The law firm of Aaron & Aaron specializes in Real Estate Law, specifically Sale of Rental, Condominium, Residential, Rural Recreation, Offer to Lease, Commercial, New Construction.
In 2014, Bob received the first President’s Award of the AOLS from President Eric Ansell.
Bob is a frequent media guest on radio and television, and has appeared on several segments of CBC-TV Markeplace, and CBC Radio The Current. He often writes legal opinions on real estate issues for other lawyers to use in litigation matters, and has been qualified as an expert witness in Ontario Superior Court.