Our Purpose

This website is a cooperative of Canada’s Provincial and Federal Professional Land Surveying Associations for the purpose of advancing Continuing Professional Development of Canada’s professional Land Surveyors.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Developing National Learning Opportunities for Canada’s Land Surveyors was entered into by all of Canada’s Associations on October 24, 2006. The CCLS was originally designated overseer of the initiative, but since the CCLS had more pressing issues at that time, responsibility was passed to the Continuing Professional Development Committee of the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors.

1.0 Purpose

GeoEd is the development of distance education as an integral part of a Continued Professional Development program for Canadian Land Surveyors;

GeoEd is a cooperatively developed and maintained internet portal that enables the distribution of web-based distance learning initiatives and provides a forum for sharing learning opportunities on a regional and national basis;

This website is cooperative approach towards the development of national learning opportunities;

The purpose of this website is to meet the goals of the MOU by distributing web-based distance learning courses, and providing a forum for sharing learning opportunities on regional and national basis.

2.0 Vision of Distance Education

In its broadest sense, distance education is the pursuit of continuing professional development, from any location, at any time, and at the pace of the individual learner. Within the context of the MOU, it is the ultimate in flexibility in pursuing learning opportunities on matters related to Geomatics anywhere in Canada.

2.1 Types of Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities may be developed and delivered in any format that ensures accessibility and meaningful content in terms of continued professional development. Examples may include face-to-face seminars that can be delivered regionally by local professionals as well as educational modules that could also be developed as a background to or a supplement to live seminars, or again on a stand alone basis distribution by internet portal. Capturing Live seminars for future distribution in electronic format (internet download, dvd, etc.) are examples where learning opportunities are made more accessible.

2.2 Target Audience

The primary target audience shall be Canadian land surveyors and shall form an integral part of their individual continued professional development and can extend to technicians, support staff and others within the scope of their practice. Some of the learning opportunities may be of value to other professionals and technicians in related fields and opening these learning opportunities to this broader audience is also encouraged. These learning opportunities can also be a resource to related university programs as well as students entering our profession.

2.3 Learning Themes

Every effort shall be made to promote the development and sharing of learning opportunities on all matters related to geomatics. Particularly, a significant need for learning opportunities related to Survey and Boundary Law has been identified and the development of these themes is strongly encouraged.

3.0 Development of an Internet Portal, A Cooperative Approach

Member associations have agree to share resources and expertise through this internet portal which facilitates distance education for Canadian Land Surveyors.

3.1 Plan Development

Member associations have mandated the development and maintenance of this internet portal, which facilitates the distribution of web-based learning opportunities and provides a forum to post all things educational regarding learning opportunities to our member associations. Through this website and facilities, web-based learning opportunities are accessed with a minimal amount of computing resources and internet connectivity to enable self-study opportunities anywhere in Canada. The website’s forum serves as a resource or bulletin board for member associations to post and access individual learning opportunities happening from coast to coast and shall be maintained by the Standing Committee. Links are maintained to access CPD activities posted on member association web sites.

4.0 National Learning Opportunities, A Cooperative Approach

Member associations agree wherever possible to share learning opportunities, and have agreed to sharing resources and expertise towards the development of national learning opportunities. Fundamentally, this is not meant in any way to restrict the development of individual learning opportunities in respective jurisdictions but to encourage their expansion to other jurisdictions by joining resources via this collaborative website.

4.1 Individual Learning Opportunities

Member associations will endeavor to raise awareness of their individual learning opportunities with other regions and on a national basis and also open these opportunities to other jurisdictions. Wherever possible, member associations will enable the exporting of individual learning opportunities to other jurisdictions as well as favoring initiatives that can be exported to other jurisdictions.

4.2 National Learning Opportunities

Member associations have agreed to work towards the development of national learning opportunities. This work may involve soliciting educators for proposals to develop such opportunities, developing funding proposals, monitoring deliverables, delivery maintenance and internet portal maintenance.