April 2016: “Social Media”


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This webinar talked about the hot topic of social media!

It highlighted all the ‘need to know’ trends and tools businesses use on the main channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The chat focused on tried and tested ways of attracting and winning new business in the modern social framework. Examples were given of how industry leaders in the surveying industry are currently leveraging social media to build the profiles of their brand as well as on a personal level.

Zero experience is required to get affiliated with the content of this webinar as it will walk you through the best practices from the ground up.

Nigel D’Souza is an experienced brand marketer and thought leader in the social space. He has spoken at various conferences including our own AOLS full-day workshop. He has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes find ways to optimize their social presence and achieve their overarching brand goals.


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