NSC 2017: Contribution of Surveyors to the Development of Canada


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Presented on March 1st, 2017 by Brian Ballantyne

Land surveying matters to Canada.  The Royal Proclamation of 1763 set out the relationship between surveying, Indigenous peoples and the Crown; the Durham Report of1839 observed that surveys provide “security of property in land.”  Surveying – whether individuals, infrastructure, innovation, ideas, ideals or imagination – has shaped and continues to shape Canada. To wit, negotiating the Quebec-New York boundary (1760s); building inter-provincial railways and inventing time-zones (1870s); irrigating and retaining watercourses in the public interest (1890s); defining land use planning as a discipline (1910s); using bornage/Boundaries Act to resolve boundary disputes (1950s); establishing land entitlement and claim parcels (1970s); using field-notes as evidence of ecosystems (since 1790s); and reconciling all Canadians with the land over the next generation.


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