KHRG Meeting/Presentation – October 12, 2021


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AGENDA – October 12, 2021


  1. Introduction  – Morgan Goadsby (Chair, KHRG)
  2. KHRG Business meeting; minutes of previous meeting, financial & business news.
  3. AOLS Council updates.
  4. MGCS updates from Nancy Grozelle, MGCS, Assistant Examiner of Surveys, Survey Services.
  5. NDMNRF Geographic Names Specialist, Jennifer McMurray has prepared a slide presentation titled “Geographic Names in Ontario”. An overview of the Geographic Names Board, how geographic features and unincorporated places get their names and how you can request to name one. See their interactive website at: for further information and to obtain official geographic names of those sometimes “unnamed” lakes!
  6. Any further updates or news by the membership.

CPD hours: 2.0 professional hours (meeting attendance) & 1.0 formal hours (seminar attendance)


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