Management and Development Dashboarding for a rapidly growing Municipality


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This webinar will provide insights into how and why East Gwillimbury’s GIS developed and implemented this program.

The Town of East Gwillimbury is experiencing dramatic urban growth (7,000 units of allocation available) that will persist over the next few years. The Town wanted to visualize, monitor and report on the status of development thereby assisting staff to effectively manage workflows: road patrols, snow removal, garbage collection, fire break allocations and monitoring.

One of the Town’s key priorities is to manage growth effectively. The Town is committed to operating in a strategic and fiscally responsible manner, and planning for the future based on population. In an effort to effectively service the growth that is occurring and plan for the future, staff need data to make intelligence-based decisions and create effective workflows.

This project is innovative in that it breaks down barriers and enables access to information that drive work flows across departments, resulting in greater data confidence, enabling communication and resulting in better decision making.

Presenter: Carolynne Saxton, GIS Coordinator, Town of East Gwillimbury


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