Water boundaries by Dr. Ballantyne


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This session will examine the application of water boundary principles to First Nation Reserves in BC by discussing seven BC cases:

  • Access to and along watercourses: Four BC cases.
  • Right to protect a riparian parcel from erosion: BC case.
  • Intra fauces terrae (boundary between BC and Canada in bays): Two BC cases.
  • Island’s effect on ad medium filum presumption (in light of Rotter, Miller and Lawrence decisions).
  • Case studies (sloughs, gulches, subsidence).

The seminar has three learning outcomes:

  • Know (and know how to apply) boundary principles.
  • Interpret the nuances of parcel descriptions.
  • Interact in problem-based discussion.

This half day seminar will feature an in-person learning experience in a seminar format with references and a copy of the slide presentation made available for attendees.

Presenter: Dr. Brian Ballantyne is a surveyor/lawyer who focuses on land tenure reform and boundaries. He works with the Surveyor General Branch of NRCan; and worked with Challenger Geomatics, City of Calgary, University of Calgary, University of Otago, Grand River Conservation Authority and City of Burlington. He has advised on litigation/mediation issues; has worked in New Zealand, Brazil and Russia; and publishes/presents widely.


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