BeSpatial Webinar – Taking the Plunge into Open Source GIS


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Public and private sector organizations are increasingly migrating to open source GIS, yet there is still reluctance by many to consider these solutions. Since the 1990s, open source software has grown to become an integral component of almost everything we do with computers, from sending an email to analyzing data on supercomputers. In the GIS sector, mature open source projects like QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Geoserver have helped organizations eliminate annual licensing costs without sacrificing functionality. Yet, many organizations still perceive numerous barriers to open source GIS migration, from feeling “locked in” with their current solution to an overarching fear that their current workflows cannot be replicated. Through a comprehensive review of open source GIS solutions and services available through PSD’s new Enterprise GIS platform, insight is provided into how organizations can overcome the barriers to open source GIS


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