Mobile LiDAR Surveying For Municipal Applications


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Mobile LiDAR Surveying For Municipal Applications – Scott Paterson – Tulloch Mapping Solutions Inc

Mobile LiDAR surveys have been adopted as a standard survey method for Canadian Transportation agencies and US DOT’s across North America.  Systems can provide up to 2-million survey measurements per second providing excellent feature detection along roadway corridors.  Mobile LiDAR systems are usually coupled with other sensors such as 360-degree HD cameras and other sensors.   Engineering grade systems can achieve absolute accuracies of 1.5cm on hard surfaces with the use of survey registration points.

There has recently been an increased demand for detailed, up-to-date 3D maps of cities, roads and municipal infrastructure assets.  Point clouds derived from mobile LiDAR systems offer several major advantages over traditional corridor survey methods, including high-speed data capture (time and cost reduction), high density measurements increasing the feature mapping detail, reduction of erroneous/questionable data, remote acquisition and measurement (increases survey efficiency and safety).

This presentation provides a review of the practical applications and products for municipalities derived from mobile LiDAR point clouds.  Derived products can be used by municipal planning, maintenance, and engineering departments for making decisions about managing long-term growth, or managing long-term stagnation with respect to infrastructure, and municipally delivered services.


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