Cybersecurity and Data Protection Session #2: Prevent, Detect, Respond


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Following a thorough assessment of assets and risks, this webinar will identify layers of technology solutions and how they are applied, the pros and cons of outsourcing, access control and authentication practices, best practices for data back-ups and some limitations and best practices for maintenance and patches.

This webinar will also discuss the necessary elements of a crisis communication plan. This webinar is intended as an interactive session with the bulk of the session devoted to guided Q&A.

Prior to joining the webinar, it is advised to have viewed the previous webinar that outlines threats and threat assessment. It is also advised to have completed an inventory of digital data residing on your network (Personally Identifiable Information, Financial Records, Plans, Fieldwork records, contracts, correspondence, etc), what security measures you currently have in place, an assessment of the financial and business continuity risk you face if that data was compromised or stolen. This will help facilitate an open discussion on the tools available in the marketplace to secure your network and help you gain a better understanding of the balance between cost outlay for protective measures vs. assets at risk.

Presented by: Claudiu Popa cybersecurity expert and principal risk advisor at Datarisk Canada & Scott Smith


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