Regional success stories in Indigenous governance and land management: Cree Nation of Mistissini


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Jeremiah Linton, Local Land Registrar, Cree Nation of Mistissini

Jeremiah is a James Bay Cree, who has lived and worked in Mistissini for all his life. With a diverse educational and work background he has brought his passion for his community and region of James Bay Eeyou-Eenou Istchee throughout his professional career. Some of his notable accomplishments include attending the Aboriginal Enrichment Program at Carleton University, an Environmental Intern with Niskamoon Corporation in areas impacted by Hydro, and Coordinating the Green Patrol Waste Management Project in Mistissini.

Jeremiah currently works with the Community Development Department in the Land Registrar & Environment Division. Since being hired in February of 2020 he has worked alongside with Miichuwaap (Housing) Department in coordinating land use and planning for residential projects both for the Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini and for private home owners. Jeremiah is also a representative of the Land Management Committee in meetings held with the Public Works Department Director in planning for future development and expansion of the Community of Mistissini. The primary functions he has as Local Land Registrar are to assist in finding land appropriate for projects throughout the community, and to coordinate with the promoters in preparing for the project to be constructed. As Zoning Administrator the requirements are to work with community members and local companies or entities in ensuring their future projects or expansions to existing buildings are done with respect to the local CNM: Zoning Law.

Éric Groulx Q.L.S., C.L.S. Assistant Director East, Surveyor General Branch, Natural Resources Canada

Eric Groulx graduated from Laval University in 1994 with a degree in geomatics.  Since then, he has obtained his Quebec Land Surveyor and Canada Lands Surveyor certificates.

Eric started his career in the public service in Ottawa over twenty-eight years ago when he was selected to participate in the Geomatics Professional Development Program (GPDP). He then ran away to the private sector to work for Mir télédétection in Longueuil. In 1997, he returned to the government to join the Surveyor General Branch, formerly the Legal Surveys Division, as a GPS specialist. In 2000, he moved to the Quebec City regional office where he became the manager in 2006 and now the Assistant Director – East.


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